Encased MagGlass UHD Tempered Glass Screen Protector iPhone X/Xs

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iPhone X, iPhone Xs

Meet the Encased MagGlass UHD Tempered Glass Screen Protector iPhone X/Xs High-Performance Screen Guard. An A-spec tempered glass that is designed and engineered like your digital life depends on it.


  • A+ Impact Rating: This is measured by the ability for the glass (once installed) to retain structural integrity after a direct impact from 5FT.
  • Screen Sensitivity: IE Responsiveness. This is gauged in a side by side comparison of the touch input response time when used with/without the glass installed. This metric is crucial to avoid the input delay (and frustration!) associated with lag-inducing screen guards.
  • Perfect Coverage: Should be easy, right We thought so. Though it might surprise you, many well-known screen protector brands fail to fully cover. At least some display area that was left partially exposed once installed.
  • Screen Clarity: This is where the MagGLASS really shines. The Ultra High Definition glass carries a total thickness of only 0.3mm, it's low profile design aided by the embedded Pixel Grid Technology create an enjoyable, crystal clear user experience.
  • Scratch Resistance: Our glass features a tough-as-nails true 9H hardness rating with dual tempered layering and reinforced shatterproof construction, all to provide you with complete peace of mind regardless of the elements.
  • Ease of use: Obvious yet important. Even the best glass in the world is useless without proper installation. The MagGLASS set includes: Tempered screen guard, microfiber cloth, dust remover, alcohol pad, ensuring a perfect and bubble-free installation.

Packaging Contents:

  • Tempered screen guard
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Dust remover
  • Alcohol pad
  • Ensuring a perfect and Bubble-free installation
Product Dimensions:
157.48 x 76.2 mm
Product Weight:
4.54 g
Packaging Weight:
113.4 g